1. The Hirer/Driver will be responsible for the excess insurance liability charge between 7,500 AED and 15,000AED according to the car make/model and the age of the hirer upon company managements decision. If the hirer is at fault for any accident or damage caused to our vehicle then there will be additional charge of 20% of the total agency’s repair bills added to the insurance liability charges.
  2. The Hirer/Driver must submit all necessary Police/Court papers to claim any damage charges from the insurance company, otherwise the hirer will be responsible for the full payment of damage charges as per the agency’s estimate even if not being at fault.
  3. The Hirer/Driver will be responsible to pay in addition to the insurance excess liability the car rental daily rate charges for a further period to repair such damages, so in simple words you will be charged the daily rate until the vehicle is finished from the repairing agency. If the Hirer/Driver is under the age of 25, an additional 20% of the total estimated repair bill must be paid in addition to insurance excess.
  4. The company reserves the right to charge the Hirer/Drivers Credit/Debit card for all the car damages, traffics fines, violation and penalties occurred during the rental period.
  5. The Hrer is liable to pay the full value of the car, if the car is stolen during his/her rental period as the same cannot be claimed from the insurance.
  6. The vehicle is not allowed to any off road / desert /safari / mountain/rough terrain driving and any non compliance of which will make the hirer liable for the payment of all damage charges as insurance does not cover such damages. Also the security deposit will be forfeited to the company in full.
  7. The insurance coverage does not apply to front windscreen, glass, tyres, rims, interior, upholstery and related accessories etc. Any damage to the glass, rims, interior, upholstery and related accessories will be charged accordingly to the Hirer/Driver with fixed estimated quotes.
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